From 1997, we always privilege the study of targeted solutions that take into account the possible impact on the increasingly brand and the need for an enterprise to create and maintain real relationships with customers and satisfied and all other stakeholders.

In this long path, we have worked for many clients direct and indirect, developing turnkey solutions for complex operational and strategic communication agencies. This long period has made possible to implement and investigate thoroughly, so many different disciplines of economics, marketing, communication, which today are instruments linked within a single model and process.

Direct experience has convinced us that a company ” lives” the market through its company brand. And we decided to work on the brand positioning as the first and more important company asset, The only that must drive any decision, choice, action of the company. To affirm and to support the company brand in a market can help you to influence successfully all the countless movements of opinion emerging from the various stakeholders, free and uncontrollable.

As mentioned in the prophetic D.A. AAKER words of 1997 *: “The language of the brand is not simply the result of creativity, and will not be constantly subject to fads. In this way, the communications agency did not configure creating subject identity but more as a communicator of something that was first defined and accepted within the organization. “CUSTOMERS * Aaker DA (1997),” Dimensions of Brand Personality, “Journal of Marketing Research, n.34.

Andrew P., Moukanas H., Wise, R. (2002),” Hard metrics can clarify the fuzzy value of a brand “, Marketing Management, Vol 11 Issue 4, p.22.