Firms aim to their success in the market focusing on manufacturing and marketing products and services, adopting premium price justified by quality and innovation, or lower price to be considered convenient.
Meanwhile, looking at their productivity, they are focusing on the maximization of the efficiency at every single department of the company. They think that doing so, the entire company will benefit from a rise in overall efficiency to ensure the growth of the profit. Why is not always the case?

According to The Theory of Constraints (TOC) of Ely Goldratt, we discover that in doing so, often company creates a situation that opens continuous internal conflicts. That generate deviations, and you know all the market is certainly not magnanimous in forgiving the mistakes of others.
These results constraint end to reduce the entire organization effort to make the profit even when we talk of success company.
Thanks to the Thinking Process due to TOC, we can act in the short to a tangible increase in profit even in your case.

But we believe that the increase in profit in the medium term, we must add a condition that is crucial for the long term, a consistent and growing credibility of the brand in time. Credibility is the only guarantee for continuing to rely on who buys. The credibility depends not only on awareness of the brand and its marketing mix, today the attention of stakeholders is much more attentive to the conduct of the company, in general, in his daily existence in the market. Research confirms what feels, wants to see in fact the real aspect of the company to which trust, therefore every person of the company is obliged to live this responsibility and to confirm what shall the Marca, in every action, namely: each person must feel and act as a true AMBASSADOR for the brand.
We have created The Stakeholder Brand Coaching model, just to ensure that every person, in time, knows how to act according to simple criteria homogeneous. People will be also supported in that by the company to continue to create Credibility.